If you’ve ever wanted to experience Italy but were unsure as to how to go about doing so, Giro d’Italia may well be the answer. Although the first stage of the tour begins in Jerusalem, our starting point at stage 13 captures everything great about Italy.

The later stages of the Giro d’Italia combine history, culture and cuisine, providing everyone who commits to the occasionally gruelling summit climbs to a host of uniquely engaging sights, tastes, and knowledge.

Food of the North

Riding through the top of Italy allows us to try some of the foods that Northern Italy is renowned for. Although a small country, the vastly different geographic regions of Italy result in altogether different cuisines depending where one eats. The terrain of Northern Italy makes pastures more suitable than fields, so much of the cuisine involves creamy and buttery sauces, such as pasta alfredo. Pastures also ensure cheese is plentiful in a variety of forms.

With little coastal areas to be found near the alps, fish is very much reserved for southern Italy, while Northern Italy favours beef soups and stews and veal cutlets.

Riding through world-changing history

Although we could populate paragraphs with the amazing food and wine of Italy, the Giro d’Italia offers something else entirely unique – the opportunity to ride through one of the sites where key battles were fought during World War 1. Monte Grappa became a battleground in 1917 after a push by the Austro-Hungarian Empire, a push that was effectively halted by Italian defences. Two battles followed, the final one of which resulted in an Italian offensive that saw the Austro-Hungarian forces forced to retreat.

Our ride allows us to visit the Military Memorial Monument at Monte Grappa, a site that houses the remains of 12,615 soldiers – 10,332 of the 12,615 are still unknown. Inaugurated on 22 September 1935, the monument was designed by architect Giovanni Greppi in collaboration with sculptor Giannino Castiglioni and represents a very unique opportunity to be a part of something historically significant.

Experience Italy in all its glory

The Giro d’Italia is a special opportunity to take part in both Italy’s culture and history, while taking part in both tough climbs and relaxing days. If you think that this is the kind of experience you’ve been searching for, get in touch with the team at Mummu today to take part in our tour today.

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