At Mummu Cycling all of our tours are not only designed for cyclists, but spectators alike…We strive to deliver the same tour experience, providing a unique platform to view and step within World Tour racing at its absolute best.

Our itineraries are specifically curated to enable our spectators to undergo specialised activities daily on tour during a select ‘ride’ window. We will then always come together for race viewing, meals and all other tour happenings to create an inclusive, fun and dynamic group environment for all.

While rides are taking place, our spectators will usually be off on their own guided adventures with our specific team of support staff to allow ample opportunity to see the incredible regions we travel through and maximise tour experience.

Other primary race days may involve jumping ahead in transport vehicles to ensure spectators are driven to the ideal stage viewing location, where they will reconnect with riders - Often up the slopes of a decisive climb, or parked right in the thick of the action at the finish line. Wherever it will be, we’ll ensure you’re there!

So…if you are an avid cycling fan that doesn’t ride or alternatively, a spouse, partner, friend or relative of a cyclist considering joining us on tour too - don’t think twice about coming along for the adventure. We promise and adhere to deliver an experience just as epic!

That's what they said...

"Whether you're a serious cyclist, a weekend warrior or a cycling fan like me, Mummu will go out of their way to make sure everyone takes home more than they came with." - Kym Dickson

"As a spectator, I was always treated equally to the cyclists and my experience was as important to them as those on the bicycle. I was never left out or isolated from the action. Total inclusivity is what they do best." - Nicole McIntosh

Nicole McIntosh

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