In case you missed it, we've recently combined forces with RGT Cycling .⚡️⚡️

The impressive virtual cycling app has the capability of taking you on a truly realistic journey over some of the sports most iconic 'real' roads. To add, they're offering free premium memberships in response to Covid-19 for the foreseeable future!

If you have a smart trainer, we'd love you to join us for some indoor ride time on our April Ride Series with RGT Cycling. We'll be running a combination of 'social' rides, with the odd 'challenge' up an epic mountain pass thrown in the mix - if you're game! 🤜 ⛰

All rides will be joined by members of our team and open to everyone. The more the merrier, so we encourage you to spread the word by sharing with your friends and cycling communities...then let's get pedalling!

Firstly - head across to RGT Cycling and follow the simple steps to sign-up and connect -

You can then register for our group rides below on the dates that you're keen to join!

We have a few different times to suit various time zones, so hope you can make it for a ride or two :)

april ride series mummu



1) SOCIAL SPIN Borrego Springs x 3 laps 23.1km
Tuesday April 14th (5.00pm AEST, 9.00am CET)

2) SOCIAL SPIN Pienza Italy x 2 laps 16.4km
Saturday April 18th (8.30am AEST, 6.30pm EDT)

3) CHALLENGE RIDE Stelvio Pass 14.4km
Tuesday April 21st (5.30pm AEST, 9.30am CET)

4) SOCIAL SPIN Borrego Springs x 3 laps 23.1km
Friday April 24th (5.30pm AEST, 9.30am CET)

5) SOCIAL SPIN Pienza Italy x 2 laps 16.4km
Sunday April 26th (8.30am AEST, 6.30pm EDT)

6) CHALLENGE RIDE Mont Ventoux 25.5km
Tuesday April 28th (5.30pm AEST, 9.30am CET)

7) SOCIAL SPIN Cap de Formentor 22.4km
Saturday May 2nd (8.30am AEST, 6.30pm EDT)

You can also head across to our April Ride Series Facebook Event where updates and additional information will be posted.

Thanks everyone - Stay busy and healthy!
The Mummu Cycling team

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