To our friends across the globe,

Our thoughts and concerns are with you and your families throughout this time of uncertainty.

The unforeseen situation has left us unsure of what the near future holds, yet confident that with us all banding together to fight COVID-19, we will come out stronger and healthier.

As many of you know, our upcoming tours through to June have been put on hold or postponed, and we’ve been closely communicating with booked guests discussing options to ensure they still get their dream travel experience with Mummu Cycling in the future.

For now, keep your eyes on the road ahead, keep pedalling (indoors if you have to), support one another and continue to smile brightly.

We look forward to getting back to traveling the world by bike with you all again soon! ✌️🌍🚴‍♂️

A few TIPS to get you through...

we're all in this together by mummu cycling

  • Keep active! Even if it’s just 30 minutes a day...happy legs = a happy head! If in isolation or quarantine, look at doing some home gym routines, or get stuck into indoor wind training! Over the next few weeks, we'll be sending you some trainer and fitness routines recommended by our pro hosts and friends of the pro peloton, many of which are also in restricted isolation throughout Europe. Stay tuned...

  • Hydrate - Aim for 2 x litres a day if you can...and for something new + added vitamins, try revamping your standard water bottle/jug with some fresh lemon and ginger.

  • Eat well and healthy to ensure your immune system's at its best and ready for any curveballs thrown at it - Remember those 5 serves of veg a day!

  • Get enough sleep - Sleep is absolutely KING when it comes to staying healthy and strong. Do your best to treat yourself to 8 hours a night.

  • Practice proper hygiene and encourage family, colleagues and friends to do the same.

If you’re in isolation, or restricted from your usual social and sporting activities, take the opportunity to try something new whether it’s a different recipe, yoga, a language, an online course, a new book…your options are unlimited!

YOGEUR with Nicole

YOGEUR with Nicole

Last year we had the pleasure of having former pro cyclist, Nicole Moerig with us on tour as a ride guide at the Tour de France.

Nicole is a qualified Yoga instructor and has kindly shared her own Yogeur videos with us to pass on to you! Her practices are specifically 'designed for cyclists and endurance athletes with a focus on performance benefits and personal wellbeing.'

Head to the links below, then follow the simple prompts to gain access & get started!

Recovery - Mindful Mobility Series

Strength - Fit and Flexi

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