The extreme professionalism, how they made every single part of what was a 14 day trip (Best of Tour) across the country of France, following the Tour de France in 2019, was cut above any experience I have ever been a part of. And, Let me tell you, we were very much a part of the TDF.

Behind the scenes in the tour bus areas, meeting riders (Peter Sagan, Daniel Oss, Michael  Hepburn) to name a few, notable announcers you watch and hear on TV watching from the states.

My mind was blown from the second I touched down in Pau. We started our tour in Lourdes which was absolutely breathtaking. It was the most green hillsides it was like I was in a dream!

There were so many places I could be writing forever about the 14 day adventure. I can’t wait to go back.

The fact that all the staff were amazing riders and catered to those who may not be as strong or as experienced as some of the others, it was nothing that held back the more experienced riders and we still felt as if we were all one group, because we were!

tour de france memoriesRiding to the ITT and accidently coming up on a 20% grade, as painful as that was we laughed about it after we conquered it. To add onto that we had Relais Etape access which was catered and we had some spirits to accompany the delicious food and some fun games to make mixed drinks with a stationary bike. What amazing laughs and memories for a lifetime with now lifetime friends.

I will say all the hardest climbs Col du Galibier, Mount Ventoux, Col du Tourmalet, Alpe D’Huez, Ventoux kicked my trash!! Alpe D’Huez was the funnest, not easy by any means but my legs felt great on that climb!

ol du Galibier, Mount Ventoux, Col du Tourmalet, Alpe D’Huez, VentouxI’m sitting here writing this and I couldn’t be more grateful I was able to experience this in 2019 knowing we will not have spectators in 2020 for the TDF. We will all get back there and there should not be any other group you do this with.

The legendary Stuart O’Grady, Matt Goss, Nick Gates were all great to talk to and geek out on cycling and personal life getting to know each other more personally.

Stuart O’Grady, Matt Goss, Nick GatesHearing you have a smooth pedal cadence and stroke from Matt and Stuart was a huge compliment and motivator to not stop on some of the climbs. I’ll tell you again Ventoux was a long climb and you can blow up really early if you go too hard out of the gate. (exactly what I did).

Emily, Nicole and Cedric, what can I say about these three Amazing individuals!! They made the trip everything it was. And can I say I have never ridden with stronger climbers that made it look easy, but great carrots to chase!

I will never forget all the laughs we had and can’t wait to have more with them in the near future!

Mummu Cycling will forever have my loyalty in traveling to any cycling event in whichever country I may want to go to. The Giro is high on my list!!

Thank you to the whole organization, you made my year and many more to come…

See you all again soon!

John Miranda aka Johnny Jmummu cycling tour de france teamInterested in making lifelong Tour de France memories like this? Head here to secure your place on your preferred Mummu Cycling 2021 Tour de France experience now. With the majority of our 2020 bookings transferring across to next season’s tour due to Covid-19 restrictions, we highly recommend pre-registering by placing a simple risk-free booking deposit. Hope to see you there!

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